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(from the Wilsons April 2017 eNewsletter)

Liz met with a cello teacher from the area recently and the two of them are planning to start a string ensamble camp in Clontarf this summer. That is exciting, but also a lot of extra work, planning, and scouting locations.

She is also scheduling a recital for her students around the end of the school year.

The final violin related event coming up is that she is playing again with the Dublin Co-Orch on June 21. She has been excited about this concert for a while as they are playing Beethoven’s 9th. If you’re in the Dublin area on Midsummer’s night, perhaps you’d join us.

She has also been putting a lot of time and energy into sorting out all types of details as she helps sell her family’s farm up in Co. Monaghan. Sometime when we’re together she can share with you some of crazy stories that have been part of this process.

Thankfully, she is allmost finished with her driving lessons, and then she can take her test.

All that to say, she has way too much going on at this point. Please pray specifically for good rest, sleep, and favor in all of the various things she’s involved in. More on Liz below in a bit…