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HMA 2018

Thanks for clicking over here…

Our next trip to the states is just a month away! We are looking forward to seeing many of you while we are there. In the meantime, we wanted to answer a couple of questions…

What is an HMA?
HMA stands for Home Missions Assignment. It basically means that while we are back in the States, it is a work trip, not a vacation! Although we will work in some downtime while we are there:-)

So What Type of Work Do You Do On An HMA?
As many of you know, for our family to be in Ireland, we need a team of people to partner with us financially through monthly, or annual donations. So on our HMA, we connect with current ministry partners and attempt to meet others who might be interested in joining our ministry team. (If you are interested in becoming one of our partners, drop us a note and we’ll set up a time to chat!) We are hoping to raise a total of $1500/month in new support for the next year.

Where will you be on this trip:
All over.
• From June 15 to 24, we will be in Western NY. During that time I’ll be speaking at Christ Community Church on Berry Road in Fredonia on June 17 and 24.
• On June 24 we start the western part of our trip with stops in Cleveland, Michigan, Chicago, Dayton, Columbus. We arrive back in Western NY on June 30.
• On July 1, we’ll be sharing at the United Baptist Christian Church in Lewiston, NY.
• On July 4 to the 7, we will be in Atlanta, GA…this will be a flying, rather than a driving portion of our trip.
• On July 10 we will begin the eastern portion of our trip. We’ll be heading across Upstate NY, into NYC and out to Long Island, before a quick trip into the Maryland area.
• And on the final weekend of our trip, we will be sharing at the Irondequoit Vineyard Church on July 21 and 22, before heading back to Dublin on the 24th.

And yes, it does make me a bit tired just typing all of that.

If you are on our path we would love to connect…even if it is just for a quick cup of coffee…please drop us a note and we will set something up!