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(from the Wilsons April 2017 eNewsletter)

In addition to our weekly Missional Community (see our month in photos), we have begun a 2 times per month Sunday Missional Community. This has allowed us to begin gathering some like-minded people who live outside of the Clontarf area for teaching, vision casting and encouragement.

We have just begun this, so please pray that it is a blessing to the families who attend, and a helpful step as we continue to seek to plant churches here in Dublin.

In addition, about a month ago I had coffee with another missionary who just moved to Clontarf in the past few months. We both decided that we’d like to collaborate on some projects here in town if at all possible. We are meeting in the next couple of days to toss around a specific idea, that is a bit outside of both of our comfort zones…but still exciting.

I have also spent way too much time the past couple of months working on both our US and Irish taxes. Sadly they get more complex every year. While our US taxes are done and filed for the year, I sill have a bit more to go on our Irish taxes. I’ll be glad when that is all done.