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Brenna…well, and Liz again.
Rose (Brenna’s middle name which she’s asked us to begin using) has missed a lot of school over the past 6 weeks.
For weeks she was waking up with extremely high blood sugar numbers. Needless to say she felt sick nearly every morning.

When she was finally able to get in to see her doctors, they were able to discover that every night she was going dangerously low. Which meant on top of waking up sick, she was having horrible sleep for weeks.

At this point, it looks like a) they were having her take 2x the insulin she needed at night (if you don’t know, that is really bad), and b) her insulin has not been lasting as long as needed…which means after going dangerously low, she would then go dangerously high.

Thankfully after a lot of work by Rose and Liz, her blood sugar numbers are doing much better. There is still a long path ahead…please pray that the doctors are able to figure all of this out. She has also been approved to get an insulin pump…but that could take a while…please pray that it happens quickly.

Hannah moved out with some friends a couple of weeks ago. She lives nearby in Killbarrack with friends. We miss her. Méabh misses her a lot, but she is enjoying taking over her old bedroom!

Erin is still working at Nolan’s Grocery Store and starting up school again in September. She is very excited about her cousin coming for a visit in May!

A few other prayer requests…

  • We have two friends in the Dublin area who are considering joining Communitas and partnering with us to plant missional communities across the city. Please pray that this moves forward. We’ll keep you up to date as things progress.
  • Please continue to pray that we would meet more team members, as well as people of peace in our immediate neighborhood.
  • Please keep each of the girls…especially the older three…in your prayers as they make plans about their future.