the shedsI mentioned it in this month’s newsletter, but wanted to add it here for those of you who are not subscribed yet.

This Easter (April 20th) is a huge anniversary in Ireland…specifically in Clontarf. On Good Friday 1014, (yeah, that’ be 1000 years ago), the High King of Ireland, Brian Boru lead the Battle of Clontarf, which basically ended Viking power in Ireland. (Boru was killed later that day in his tent, so a pretty mixed bag of a day for him.)

There are a number of events planned in 2014, and specifically around Easter week to commemorate the battle. We’d like to invite friends and supporters to consider joining us the week leading up to Easter to pray for our community and take part in some servant evangelism activities.

We’ll also have a good deal of down-time scheduled in as well.

We’re also hopeful that we’d be able to host a team or two over the summer, however, we would love to have something going on during the big anniversary. If you, or a team from your church would be interested, we’d love to hear from you. Please drop us a note and we can talk details.

If you can’t make it this time, you will need to wait until 3014, for the next Millennial celebration.