So, here’s a question. is, let’s face it is a pretty lame. Having a name like Bob Wilson means you can almost never get your user name on things like Twitter (which is why there are 2 underscores in my twitter name) or Facebook (although I almost had bobwilson, but made a stupid mistake).  And…so person is out there holding onto it and likely wants more money than I could ever come up with.  It’s be cool to have a name like James Cherian.

Sorry, I rambled for a minute…Anyways…while we are in the process of upgrading the overall theme of the website, we are also wanting to come up with a name that doesn’t stink.

If you could post some ideas in the comment section below, that would be a great help…If I end up using it, I’ll take you to lunch @ my favorite Thai place down on the commons.

(note to those who read this on Facebook…please comment directly on the blog, & not on Facebook, I only check Facebook a couple times a week.  But, if you do post a suggestion on Facebook & I use it, then I’ll get you a piece of pizza instead of lunch @ Taste of Thai).

So what are your ideas?

Photo Credit: Green Question Mark