Welcome to TheWilsonsInDublin.com!

As you might have guessed, this little corner of the interwebs is about our family (the Wilsons), and our lives in Dublin. (Sadly creative blog/website naming has never been a strength of ours).

The purpose of this site is to share a bit about the journey we have found ourselves on over the past few years in moving from Upstate NY (Ithaca) to Dublin Ireland.

For the past couple of years, we’ve been sharing most of our stories over on Bob’s blog (bobwilson.me), and a few occassionally at DublinChurchPlant.com, however, at this point it made sense to separate them out a bit, and create a site where sole focus of this this site about our new lives in Dublin.

So at this point we are still in the process of getting this site up and running, and it should look a lot less ugly quite soon.

Thanks for your patience and for stopping by!