At the end of the Pastors’ Sabbath Retreat, they encouraged everyone to make one major change…one thing that you learned from the retreat that you would implement once you got home.  Mine was (after consulting with Elizabeth of course), that we would begin taking sabbath more seriously and practicing it as a family.  It has meant making some pretty major changes, but the first two weeks of doing it have been great!

As we made the decision to start practicing sabbath with our kids, there were two weekends circled on the calendar, one in May and one in June that we knew were way too over scheduled.  We have just finished the crazy insane weekend for May.  And while we saw some great stuff happen this weekend, it is a reminder why we’ve decided not to try and live this hectic lifestyle that we’ve been doing for years.

So I figured that while I’m waiting for Lost to start in about 2.5 hours, I’d share a few of the highlights from the weekend:

  • Speaking of Lost, how awesome would it be if at the end of the night you learn that Nikki & Paulo were the key to the whole thing!
  • On Saturday, we held a leadership training event at the church, which John Elmer (from the Syracuse Vineyard) co-taught.  We had some great discussions with the people that were there and it was a long, but enjoyable day. One of the things that hit me while we were talking was how often new leaders give up or quit shortly after starting because it gets hard.  There seems to be this idea that I’m doing this for God, it should be going easier.  What we often miss though is that while we re often concerned about the task…about getting the job done.   God often seems less concerned about the task and much more concerned about what is happening in the life of the leader.
  • One part of the discussion was not so enlightening however.  One of the people there from the Syracuse church asked about if the leader needs to be a “charismatic” leader.  John Elmer, looks and me and says, “Bob’s a good leader…but when Bob leaves a room, nobody says, ‘aw there goes the party.’  It’s more like, “Bob’s gone, now the party can start!”  I’m still recovering from that one:-)
  • Service this morning was a great time…I am really loving the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Stuff.  It was a bit sad this morning as a number of our Cornell Students who have been part of the church for the past 4 years were here for the last weekend and will be graduating.  And of course a number of our IC students graduated today.  There a lot of great people that are graduating & moving on, & we’ll miss them!
  • I wrapped up the afternoon, & the weekend by co-teaching our membership class this afternoon with James.  We’ve been doing this for 11 years and I still love talking about the vision of the Ithaca Vineyard and what God is doing here!

So we saw some good stuff happen this weekend, but I’m already looking forward to next Saturday when I’ll be going for a hike with Liz & the girls!