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Over the past few months we’ve had a number of new leaders step in here at the Vineyard.  I am really amazed with the quality leaders God has consistently brought to our church!  Over the next week or so, I want to introduce you to some of our new leaders @ the Vineyard.  But for now,  where better to start than with the Kid’s ministry!

For the past two years the Vineyard Kids’ ministry has been led by Elizabeth Wilson (full disclosure…yes, she is my wife, but all I’ll say about her is true!)  Elizabeth came on staff at the church in the fall of 2007 as our Worship Arts Pastor.  Although she has obviously played a major role at the church since we first started, she wasn’t “officially” on staff until then.  However, through a series of events, in addition to leading the worship arts team, she ended up leading the Vineyard Kids’ team as well.

In that time, she has gathered a strong group of teachers, leaders, and workers and has built a solid foundation for  this ministry!  While she did a great job with the kids ministry, over the past few months we have wanted her to step out so that she can focus more fully on worship, (& our 3 quality daughters).  So about a month ago we took the  plunge and she stepped back from leading the kids team.

Within a couple of weeks we have new leadership in place, and it looks like the kids ministry is in a position to really take off!

Let me introduce you to our new leaders.  Neither of these names will be new to you if you’re part of the Ithaca Vineyard, but here goes… First off, Kathy Murray, who has been on staff as a lay pastor for the past couple of years, has shifted from the Director of Pastoral Care, to our Marriage & Family Pastor!  She will continue to oversee pastoral care @ the Vineyard, and counseling , but this new position, will have her overseeing the Vineyard Kids Ministry as well.  Kathy also works in the Ithaca City School District and has experience setting up programming for children and educators.  We are really excited about the experience and passion she brings to this position.

In addition to Kathy, Wendy Williams has stepped in as the Vineyard Kids Leader!  Wendy had been leading the nursery for the past several months and has done an amazing job recruiting and training workers and building a really strong team.  In addition to the great team building skills that Wendy brings to this position, her love for kids, and her ability to relate well to parents make her an ideal person to lead this team.

We are really excited about the future of the Vineyard Kids ministry with Kathy and Wendy leading it, and are really thankful to all that Elizabeth did to get it here.  Please be praying for Wendy, Kathy & Elizabeth, and maybe even take a minute to let them know how much you appreciate what they do!

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Vineyard Kids Update

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