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It’s been one of those weeks. Yesterday I was riding the bus into work and using the wordpress app on my iPhone to type a blog post about the vision of this church moving to Ireland to plant. Yesterday afternoon I went to publish it & well, it was gone. So I tried yesterday afternoon to rewrite it, but there sat my taxes reminding me that if they didn’t get done soon, they were going to continue adding stress to my life. I sat down to work on putting everything together to send to the accountant, and they added even more stress. (One of my professors actually talked to me about becoming an accountant…yikes)

While the bus riding home today I sat trying to retype what I had written yesterday (this time with my laptop on my lap on the bus…not the most comfortable way to type. No go. Tonight I got home, finished putting all of our tax stuff together (deep exhale) and sat down to work on a vision post again. Now, what I wrote yesterday was no masterpiece (I mean I typed it with my thumbs on a phone)…but clearly my brain needs to “de-tax” and get a good night sleep.



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I am a church planter living on Dublin's Northside. I also serve as Director of Marketing for Communitas International. I write about various topics that happen to be going through my brain.

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