While I’m enjoying vacation with my family, I’m taking a brief break from blogging as well.  In the meantime, I’ve set it up so that over the next 10 days I’ll be transfering some of the posts from my old blog  over here.  Hope you enjoy.  See you in 2010!
Take the Best & Go
This morning’s session was a really awesome way to kick off the conference.  As some of you may know the Vineyard is celebrating it’s 25th birthday this year.  So we’ve spent some time looking back over our history & also looking ahead to what God has ahead for us.

They started off by showing a video which started off with John Wimber’s “i’m a Fool for Christ,” & went through stuff going on now.  If they make it available I’m going to get a copy & show in on a Sunday in a couple of weeks.

After the video, they had a panel of leaders in the Vineyard talking about the past and the future…here were a couple of the questions as well as some of the responses:

What about being part of the Vineyard has meant most to you:
The expectation that God is present with us.
No hype manipulation…dialing down.
God’s mercy…suspending judgment…embracing all people as having value.
Looking at people & seeing what is God up to
kingdom of God…blessing the whole church
worship…such a part of who we are…not just about songs…but an orientation…that all we do is for the glory of God

Things we need to leave behind:
When the power of God is tied to mission it is right…when it is tied to renewal, our private religious experience, it is a dead end…As John Wimber used to say, “it is power with a purpose.”
When gifting outshines character.
We need to be wiling to leave behind forms, methods, styles, not stuck with “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

How do remain a movement & avoid becoming a monument?
People need to stop saying, “that’s not Vineyard.”
started with a battle cry that Jesus wants his church back…the Holy Spirit still wants to administrate his church.  We need to listen to the Holy Spirit.
We need to keep the pedal on evangelism…27 out of 28 chapters in the book of Acts has the gospel being preached.
Church has to keep it’s focus on mission.
Humility of leadership.

The issue of how old we’ve become.
Only 20 senior pastors are under 35 (I don’t think that can be right…)