Yesterday was a pretty good day.  Both services seemed to go well. amd we got to meet a bunch of new people.  Our first attempt (in several years) at a choir seemed to really well & it looks like this is something we’ll try to keep working in.  After church we took Brenna to her hockey game (quite late), then dropped the girls off @ James & Anna’s so that we could go out & celebrate our 18th Anniversary.

I did have one conversation that stuck in my mind throughout the day however.  During the message we talked about trying to help people who are distant from God have an experience with God.  That if we focus on giving them “The Truth,” we tend rather to turn people off to us, the gospel, & Jesus.  But if we can help them encounter Jesus, they will most likely want more.

We did have an out of town visitor come up quite confused with this idea. “Are you saying we don’t share the truth? And instead we rely on our experience?  Isn’t it the bible that helps people to turn to God?  Not our experince?”  So I asked, “The bible says that it is God’s kindness that leads to repentence.  Wouldn’t that perhaps involve an experince with God?”

As we mentioned, one of the big issues with us saying “we have the truth,” is the arrogance that is contained in that statement.  This morning I was reading through several different blogs & came across one from Dave Schmelzer dealing a bit with the issue of truth and I thought it might be helpful.