Yesterday afternoon from about 11:30 am to 6:00 pm, over 1000 people from the Vineyard leadership conference headed into a neighborhood in Galveston and participated in the Renew Galveston Festival. The festival provided food for the poor who were impacted by hurricane Ike, as well as free hair cuts, and fun events for kids. While at the event we were able to serve over 2,800 people from the Galveston area!

Although I registered for the food distribution team, I ended up on the prayer team. And even though we were able to pray for over 900 people at the event, my group only got to pray with one woman. There were a lot of prayers! I’ll come back to her in a minute.

What really struck each of us on the team is the extent to which Galveston is still recovering from the two storms that hit it. We still think about New Orleans, but for most of us Galveston doesn’t register…yet the extent of the visible damage that is still there is incredible. If you are going out to eat, you need to call first to make sure they are still open.

Which leads me back to praying, and gratitude, which we talked about this past Sunday. Let me ask you a question…what is the biggest issue you are concerned about right now? The woman we prayed for yesterday, she gave us a request…& it was a big one. We asked, anything else? She gave another. When we asked is there anything else, she responded, “I’d like my husband to be set free from his addiction to drugs.” That was the third thing she thought of. She had two far more pressing issues in her life, that pushed something this huge to number 3.

This morning at the conference, Wes Stafford, from Compassion International, spoke about his passion for the billions of children living in poverty in our world.

Now, I in no means want to downplay the difficult situations of pain that any of us may be dealing with.  But it has reinforced this idea of gratitude for me.  There are not too many people in the world that I would want to trade problems with.  I have a lot to be thankful for.

How about you?