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And we’re back…

Spending time doing something you can't do in Dublin...

Spending time doing something you can’t do in Dublin…one of the key things the kids wanted to do on their trip to NY.

This past Wednesday we arrived at the Dublin airport at around 9:30 am (4:30 am for our friends in NY). And once the paramedics had helped a sick woman off the plane we cleared customs, hailed a taxi, and headed home.

(customs was a strange experience as I  had to go through the non-EU line all by myself as everyone else came into the country with their Irish passports.)

Our first trip back to the States was a good one. A bit exhausting as we tried to cram a lot into 4 weeks…(Was that really 4 weeks?)

We were able to see a lot of family and reconnect with a lot of friends. We were even able to travel to 6 churches in 4 weeks and share our heart for Dublin with many new friends.

While we had an incredible time, we were all ready to be back home in Dublin (now it’s your turn to come see us!)

I was a bit nervous about what Méabh’s reaction would be, as she transitions to being around her extended family for 4 weeks to being home again. However, as soon as she walked in the door, she began seeking out and hugging all of her stuffed animals, and playing with her toys.

While the “official” thank you’s are in process, we want to send out a thank you to each of you who helped make our first trip back such an amazing experience. We miss you already!

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