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imageOne of the biggest adjustments we had to make to begin practising Sabbath was preparing. That has always felt harder than it should have been. Probably because I hate running errands. I’ll drive by a shop, think of something we know we will need at home soon, and decide I don’t feel like stopping. So later, when the thing I need is finally gone, I’ll make the extra trip. It would have been easier to get it before I needed it, but that isn’t how I’ve done things.

It is why I’m terrible with birthdays, mothers and fathers days and all that kind of stuff…I keep putting it off until the last possible minute. And usually it is too late. (Many apologies to everyone who happens to be related to me.)

But if I am going to practice Sabbath I can’t do that. For example, if we’re going to have a big Irish breakfast together on Sunday, we need to ensure all of the stuff is purchased the day before. If we are going to not work around the house, or do our regular work, it means having them all done by late Saturday afternoon. Since we are currently turning off our phones & computers on Sabbath, it means planning with friends ahead of time if we want to do something…or letting them know they’ll have to knock on our door if the want to reach us.

I’m thinking of this aspect of Sabbath on a Friday night because Liz and I are going to be out at an event with Icon Community¬†all day tomorrow, and won’t have time to prepare for Sabbath. So that meant tonight we were up cleaning the house, folding laundry, etc until past 9:30. But, when we come home tomorrow, we are going to be able to relax, and enter into Sabbath well.

I still feel a bit stressed as we head into the time of preparation, but as we finish and move into Sabbath, it is always a great feeling.

It also has me thinking about the 4 weeks we’ll be in the States, and travelling all over the Northeast. I’m not sure how we’ll practice Sabbath there. But we actually had a conversation about it today…talk about preparation…maybe I can get this part!

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  1. Bernard P says:

    OK, I’ll bite – why are you re-instituting the Sabbath? My question is about the theology of it, not any practical reasons.

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Prepping for Sabbath

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