Over the past few months we’ve learned quite a bit about how education works in Ireland. One of the things we found most interesting, was that you were not limited to schools in your geographical area. That means there is actually competition among the schools. And in the area where it looks like we’ll be landing, there are a number of great schools.

However, since people can go to any school, they tend to want to send their kids to the best one that they can. What that means for us as we are looking to register 2 of our kids in secondary school for next year, is that we should have been applying a year or two ago.

For Erin, it seems like there will be openings at at least a few of the schools, since she’ll be entering during transition year. Brenna on the other hand will be entering the first year of Secondary School, and the vast majority have long waiting lists. One school in the Clontarf neighborhood of Dublin for example has openings for 140 students for next year and 400 people have applied. This would be a great fit for Brenna as they have a theatre program as well as a great reputation.

Liz called a number of schools today, and we are going to be filling out applications over the next few days. ¬†Please pray that we would find an opening in or close to Clontarf at a non-fee paying school. ¬†Thanks & we’ll keep you up-to-date.