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January 2019

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This set up was temporary until we found a fix that allowed us to once again send out regular email reminders. So, we will be retiring this page and moving over to the blog section of our web site (

We’ve made the blog private…so you’ll need to be registered.

Thanks for your patience as we make this transition!

January 17, 2019

So, the past month has been a bit insane. In a good way, but still. Rather than trying to break it up by, I thought I’d put up a brief summary.

I did get to play some Frisbee with this kid over the break!

Once I finally got this part of the site up and running, we hit Christmas and New Years. We took some down time with the kids…although we did have a great day/outreach on St. Stephen’s Day.

After the holidays, I started a Master’s program at IBI (Irish Bible Institute). The degree I’m working towards is an MA in Transformative Leadership. The program is structured a bit differently than anything I’ve seen. So last week I had 5 full days of classes. Now, I have to do research and then write 2 papers. I enjoy the writing part, but I’m a bit nervous about the research/academic writing as I haven’t done this in 30 years.

I went into the week thinking I’d come home and work on one of the several projects that I have coming due (Irish taxes, US Taxes, Citizenship application, mortgage application. and a few others) but my brain was fried every night. I ended up trying to get up early and do all of my reading for the class, because I couldn’t focus at night…that was consensus among most of the students…and if you are wondering, there are quite a few people in the program older than me!

I did end the week meeting up with friends for a game night. We played Axis and Allies…I was the Soviet Union.

This week I’ve been catching up. I’ve been working on some of the Communitas Marketing stuff that has been set aside for a few weeks, getting our newsletter out and trying to get reorganized…I’ve been shutting down my laptop between 9 and 10 pm most nights…but I’ve been getting a lot accomplished…and it isn’t as bad as it sounds:-)

Today I met with a broker who is trying to help us get a mortgage. He thinks everything is doable…but he is not expecting it to be easy…since our finances are “different.” Since I am paid in the US, not in Ireland…that really complicates the process. Our hope is to be able to be in a new place by June…which seems crazy, but that is when our lease expires.

We would so appreciate your prayers in this process:

  1. That we get the mortgage we need
  2. That we can find a 4 bedroom (Although we can make a 3 work probably:)
  3. That we can find something that does not need major renovation, in our area. We are specifically praying to find something in Marino/Fairview, Clontarf, or Killester…we will likely need to widen our search (there are only 3 houses currently listed in Marino)
  4. We are also having a bit of an issue with some of the money Liz is due from the sale of her father’s property…please pray that is resolved well.

This weekend is a busy one as well. Tomorrow night our missionary community is meeting and then going to a community-wide prayer meeting.

On Sunday morning we go to Celbridge and meet with the other two couples working on the church plant with us. And then that evening, we co-lead a monthly prayer meeting for missional leaders in Dublin.

I’m likely forgetting stuff, but I definitely feel my brain shutting down for the night! Thank you for your prayers!

January 4

I shared a bit of a family update over on the blog:

January 2, 2019

I was chatting with Méabh and mentioned that I would be taking a seminary class next week.

She replied, “So, you’re going to be working with dead people?”

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year from Dublin! We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and pray God’s blessing on each and every one of you!