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Okay, we are excited about Ireland. Scared…a bit overwhelmed…but excited. At the same time we are excited about what the next 10 months have in store for the Ithaca Vineyard.

One of the things coming up that we are very excited about is an idea that we totally ripped off…(I mean borrowed)…from Mike Turrigiano at the Brooklyn Vineyard. Starting on Sunday, September 11, we are going to be holding a Sunday evening service at the Haunt : Home of Razorback BBQ. The Haunt has been a major venue for music in Central NY for years, and they are going to allow us to hold a church service there (between NACAR & Goth night!)

Our service will begin @ 6:30 pm and end by 7:30. (Then we’ll hang out, eat some bbq & have some conversations!)

The people at the Haunt have been so amazing to work with as we’ve been planning this, and we are looking forward to  what God has planned for this as well. At this point we are looking at this as an experiment that we are going to try out for 3 months & see hat happens. Please be praying that this is an amazing opportunity to talk to people we wouldn’t normally get to meet on a Sunday morning. And if you’d like to get involved, drop us an email.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Quick update…we will be starting on October 2, not Sept. 11. More details to come.

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