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Last week Elizabeth and I were in Madrid for a five day assessment with Christian Associates. We’ll be sharing more about this process in our newsletter. It was a good time made possible because our 20-year-old daughter took time off from work to take care of her 3-year-old sister. After five days with Méabh, I think Hannah was glad to get back to work. Thanks Hannah!

Wanted to share a few of my favourite pictures from the trip.

The Approach to the Madrid Airport.
Not quite as green as Ireland. But 80 degrees Fahrenheit in late October was quite nice.

The Apple Store
The first thing we saw when we exited the Metro at Plaza de Sol was the Apple Store. Since there isn’t one in the Republic, it’s always nice to see one.

Two quick stories about the Apple Store in Madrid. I was having trouble with my iPhone not connecting to the internet. My mobile company (Meteor) bumped me up to their higher level tech people on Thursday, and I still haven’t heard back. So I figured I’d try the Apple Store. While I was getting something out of my pocket to show the person helping me, a paper fell out of my pocket. Liz and I both bent down to pick it up. That really hurt.

In the end he couldn’t solve my problem either. But I was looking over his shoulder while he was doing research and figured it out. Apple really should hire me.

Plaza del Sol
While in Madrid, the meetings we attended were at the Oasis Church. This is the view from their balcony. For perspective the Apple Store is on the right hand side of the photo, and the Metro we came from is the rounded glass structure right in front of it.

Just off the Plaza del Sol was this building which I never took the time to figure out what it was…but the chariots on top were impressive.


Sin Gluten – Sin Leche

One of the challenges in eating out is the fact that Liz needs to eat gluten free and dairy free. Traveling in a place where they don’t always speak the language adds to the challenge. Thankfully there were quite a few very good gluten free places in the area of Madrid we were in.

The Prado Museum
We had a bit of free time on the weekend, but only visited a couple of tourist-y places. And although Liz and I came into the marriage with very different interests, visiting museums has always been high on both of our lists.

 Plaza de Cibeles
We passed the Plaza de Cibeles on our way to the Prado…One thing about taking photos in Madrid rather than Dublin is that there is this very bright light in the sky there that is almost blinding at times.

Plaza Mayor
One of the entrances to the Plaza.


A view inside. We didn’t spend too much time here because, well…while I enjoy street entertainers, there a number of performers here who seemed to think annoying people was the way to go. Now, their Spiderman was interesting…

There were a couple protests while we were there…I’m not sure what they were protesting as I don’t speak Spanish…but it was impressive to watch one group take over a main street and refuse to let a car get through.
Second protest sounded angrier…but they were weren’t blocking traffic was nice.

The Palace

Last but not least…

Dublin has some very interesting living statues down on Grafton Street, but the variety in Madrid was impressive…these are three of my favourites.
Statue2 statue3
Chess-guy, or whatever his name was was my favourite…when people gave money, they also received a ‘thank you wink.’

So, those were some of our highlights from a great week in Spain.


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Our Week in Madrid

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