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Over the past couple days I’ve been writing about things I would have done differently if I could start the Ithaca Vineyard over again. I guess we could call it lessons I’ve learned (at least I hope I’ve learned them). Well, I just got back from my annual physical, and found out I’m in great health…other than needing to lose some weight…which reminded me…Another thing I would do differently if I could start over, is I would trust my “gut” more.

Yesterday I wrote about how if I could start over I would be putting money aside on a weekly basis. I knew that 12 years ago, I let other things over rule my intuition about it.

I can think of staffing issue where on the one hand everything looked great…but there was somethings that I kept being bothered by…but I convinced myself it wasn’t a big deal…it was a big deal. (once my oldest daughter came & told me the same thing my gut was saying…guess listening to my kids more should be added to my list!)

Like every church, we at times have issues of conflict that come up and need to be addressed.  Rarely has there been one that we didn’t see coming ahead of time…I just convinced myself, that it would all work out.

My Myers-Briggs in INTJ. One of the things that means is that I am an introverted thinker.  Which means I’m often thinking of things…dreaming up new ideas, thinking of ways to address various items in life…but once I start spinning them around in my head, I often convince myself that it isn’t a good idea. Only to end up down the road thinking “I knew that…why didn’t I do what I knew I was supposed to do?” That isn’t a fun place to be.

One of the ways that I’ve found to address that is to have people in my life that I can throw out all kinds of ideas to. Friends who can say, “that’s ridiculous,” but who can also say, “that really makes sense…you should do that.”

If my doctor has his way, my gut will be smaller a year from now…hopefully I’ll still be able to hear it and really start listening.

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If I could start over…I’d trust my gut more

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