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shannon_2014_website-300x300Over the past couple of days I’ve written about the hero’s journey. I wrote over here a bit of a summary of that journey , and then here about the cost of making judgements about people who are in the midst of chapter 2.

In yesterday’s post I mentioned friends of ours in Africa who were helpful to us along our journey when we landed in Ireland. Today, I’d like to introduce those friends to you (although I’m sure some of you already know them.)

I first met Jerry and Christy Shannon shortly after we church planted in Ithaca. They were part of the church that we had planted out from, and they would do the same a few years later in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. That was not the last time we would find ourselves on similar journeys.

In 2009 they and their family moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to plant a church. Without going into a lot of detail, their landing had a lot of similarities to ours.

Because of that they were able to be a great source of comfort and encouragement to us.facebook_profile_EHE_logo_small

But that isn’t really why I’m sharing about their journey. I wanted to share what came out of their chapter 2. Even before moving to Addis Ababa their hearts were stirred by people of that city, and in the midst of a challenging time for them an incredible ministry, Embracing Hope Ethiopia (EHE).

EHE focuses on providing holistic care for children and families in the poorest areas of their city. Everything from job training for single moms and day care and education to their kids, to providing training, resources and mentoring to help families stay together.

As you’d imagine, they tell their story much better than I can. I just wanted to introduce a great family to you and let you know about a really great work happening in Ethiopia. I hope you’ll take a couple of minutes today, swing by the Embracing Hope Ethiopia website, and consider getting involved.

Our lives are better for knowing this family and I think your’s will be too.

This is the third in a series of posts on the Hero’s Journey. I hope you’ll read post 1 and post 2.

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Hero’s Journey : Jerry and Christy Shannon

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