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Wow, just realize that normally I have a Saturday book recommendation…I actually finished up a good book, but not sure it is one every one would enjoy…Reformed and Always Reforming, by Roger Olsen.  He takes a really good look at standard “conservative evangelical” theology and calls us to something beyond that.  I loved it.

Since I have actually been not blogging for the past week…I thought I give a bit of an update on the past week.

On Monday afternoon I met with 2 people from the planning board to talk about the parking situation at our future home…I think we are all set at this point.  We should have the final approval on the 30th.  I also went out for a lunch meeting that was not scheduled until next week….not a great start.

On Tuesday we completed our second round of Discovering Maturity – Vineyard 201.  8 people went though the class.  (6 more went through it on Saturday!)

On Wednesday I went up to Syracuse for our area pastors’ meeting. John Elmer & I led a discussion with some the guys in our area around the issue of stewardship.  Getting together with those guys (& women) is always a great time!

The highlight of my week however was Friday…usually Saturday is my day off…however, since we had a class week, so Liz & I had a rare day off together Friday.  We had breakfast together, packed a lunch & went to Buttermilk Falls State Park (we’ve lived in Ithaca 14 years & this is the first time we’ve hiked that trail.)  We hiked up next to the gorge, had a picnic at Upper Buttermilk & then walked back down.   It was probably one of the best Sabbath days I’ve ever had.  We have both been working on getting this part of our life (taking a Sabbath) in a good place…& Friday was a great step in the right direction.

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