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No this is not a post about Hannah getting her driver’s license.  We are getting closer there, but not quite yet.  This is about giving somebody else the power to determine how we act, think, feel, respond, whatever.

It is about the company that every time there is a change in billing, messes it up, which means that I need to take time out of my day, call them up and explain their mistake to them.

It is about driving to & from Trumansburg, and having to slam on the brakes over and over because for some reason, every person who drives on that road has to be in front of me.

That stuff is out of our control.  If I expect to wake up one morning, and suddenly everyone is a conscientious driver, that is never going to happen (plus that would mean I would have to deal with some of my driving issues…but that’s not the point:-).

Everyone of us faces a series of random “stuff” everyday that if we allow it to will determine our mood…our interactions with others…and our responses.  I can’t control what they do, or say or think.  I can’t control how a random person out there drives, I can’t control whether or not those around me like me.  What I can do is control how I respond.

If I am the center of the universe…then each affront I suffer through should be dealt with swiftly and forcefully. In effect, when i do this, I give them the key…”I am basically Pavlov’s dog…you do ‘x’ to me, and I will respond on the same way…again, and again, & again…”

But, if i’m not the most important person in the world…if I’m supposed to consider others before & above myself…If I’m supposed to love my neighbor, then that maybe I need to look at this differently.

Maybe it’s just me that wrestles with this…I think I’m going to go pray the divine hours!

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Handing over the key

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