So after about 10 weeks the Friday data dump is back…Just as a reminder, the purpose in doing this, is basically to empty my brain before heading home to enjoy Sabbath with the family:

Let’s jump right to it!

All of the year end giving statements are printed out and ready to get stuffed in envelopes.  They will be mailed out next week.  It is overwhelming to see the generosity that so many of you demonstrate by faithfully giving to the Vineyard.  Thank you!

Kinship Groups
This Sunday we’ll have a big announcement about our kinship groups for the Spring.  I’m really excited about the next few months!

Pitchers & catchers
As of 5:22 this afternoon:
Yes I know there are still a few football games to be played…but when you’re biggest question is who do I want to root against more…that takes a lot of the enjoyment out of it.

Speaking of countdowns…
We are about 9 weeks away from being a family of 6…I wonder if Liz would be up for opening up an Internet poll to decide what to name our 4th daughter.  I’m sure she’d think it is a great idea.

True Grit
Last fall I listed my five favorite movies of all time…Then between Christmas & New Years I saw True Grit twice.  Great story…incredible dialogue…and like a lot of Coen Brother’s movies, a lot of Biblical references…specifically what happens when you get the revenge you’re seeking.

What I’m Reading
Not getting quite as much reading done as I’d hoped…but moving through a couple different books that I’m enjoying at this point…Bird by bird by Anne Lamont, and   Outflow by Steve Sjogren.

Plays & Talent Shows
Our youngest  daughter Brenna is getting to utilize her talents this winter.  Last weekend she sang a song she wrote (the second song she has written) and did a great job.  And she is currently in two different plays.  The t-burg middle school is putting on Charley and the Chocolate Factory, and the local theatre company for middle & high school kids, Running2Places is putting on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  We’ll keep you up-to-date on all of that if you’d like to attend either show.

Justice Blog
Some of you may have seen this already but I was invited to write a couple guest posts over on the Justice Response Blog. That was a lot of fun to do.  If you had not heard the story about the Green Café in collegetown…I hope you’ll take a peak over there and give it a read…modern day slavery isn’t just something that happens “someplace else.”

Guess that’s it for now…I probably should wrap up the message for Sunday! Have a great weekend.