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Let me start by saying, that I am really looking forward to closing our house next week.  While paying a mortgage & rent at the same time not what you’d call fun, having a house that you don’t live in, but still have to work on (packing, cleaning, laundry, etc) is a bit of a drain.

At this point it looks like we’ll have everything out by Monday, clean on Tuesday & be ready for closing after that.  We got this idea from the pastor’s sabbath retreat last spring, but we are going to have a night where the 5 of us, have dinner there, and then spend some time just going around to the various rooms telling stories, and sharing our memories of living there.

While the move to T-burg has been great, we’ll all miss the house that we lived in for the past 8 years (since our kids were 8, 6 & 3).  (& yes we’ll be bringing some kleenex).

Speaking of the move to Trumansburg, today was the first report card day in the high school…Both Hannah & Erin got straight A’s & Erin made the high honor roll!

Speaking of Erin, last night at dinner, she asked me this question, “Dad, would you rather go the rest of your life without coffee, or Apple products?”  I think I broke out into a sweat @ that point…I eventually said Apple products, but I’m still not really sure.  What would you pick?

Finished listening to Linchpin this week.  The thing I don’t like about audio books is usually when I’m done, I want to go back & look them over, and mark up all the cool stuff, so I end up buying the book anyway.  (Think I’ll wait for the paperback though)  This is one I’ll be having our leaders go through too.

Speaking of what our leadership team is reading…we are currently working our way through Emotionally Healthy Church, by Pete Scazzero.

If the Rangers win tonight, it would be an amazing end to a really good week!

I’m really looking forward to October 31…no, not for candy or dressing up…we are trying something a little different.  We’ll have only one service (@ 10 am), and before the service, we’ll have a pancake breakfast…I don’t eat pancakes, but I’m still looking forward to it.

Watched the season finale of Mad Men, and realized for the first time that I can remember, there is not a single show on the big 3 networks that I watch.

Time to finish up some last minute stuff so I can get home & celebrate some report cards!

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  1. Loraine Wilson says:

    Congratulations to both girls for getting straight A's. Looks loke T'burg was a very good move. I'll be thinking of you guys as you spend some time on Columbia. Lots of good memories there, even for us. When you're in the laundry room you can think of us. 🙂

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