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So I was able to get a bunch of the stuff I’d been thinking about earlier in the week, so we’ll end the week with an abbreviated Friday Data Dump.

• Two of our interns, Darin LeBlanc, & Erin Smith will be starting next week.  I’m really excited about working with both of them!

• I’ve been thinking lately how poisonous gossip is.  And in churches it often gets couch in nice religious language.  I’ll come and ask you for prayer about a situation I have with this really nasty person I’m dealing with…you hear one side of the story & automatically assume, “wow, that is a nasty person.”   Which is why the writer of Proverbs tells us this:

“The first speech in a court case is always convincing—until the cross-examination starts! “(Proverbs 18:17, The Message)

• Speaking of communication, one of the great things we got from the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Conference in May was learning new ways of communicating.  We’ve been going over a lot of it with our leadership and it has been really well received. We’re really excited about the difference it will make here as we implement these changes.  We’ll spend some time on it with the whole church once I’m back in the fall.

• I know most of you are not Red Sox fans, but what is going on with all of the injuries…it is crazy…and yet they are still with in arms reach of first place.

• While our hope is to get the Vineyard Bookstore built up a bit more than it was when we were portable, we have finally gotten a scaled down version up & running for this Sunday.  Starting next Sunday, we’ll have a few more titles building on the Emotionally Healthy Series.

• Our house still has not sold. And has now been on the market over 100 days.  We definitely work at keeping our lives interesting!

• We just put our annual Clam Bake on the calendar today…September 19, 2010…Mark your calendars!

• Finally, don’t forget, only one service this Sunday @ 10 am…Have a great weekend!

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I am a church planter living on Dublin's Northside. I also serve as Director of Marketing for Communitas International. I write about various topics that happen to be going through my brain.

  1. christine Kelly says:

    this probably has nothing to do with what your talking about here, but I have this idea for a fund raiser for the Glory of Christ, that I thought I would run by you or even by Bill Williams…I was wondering if it would be possible to get a bunch of churches in the area to come together for prayer and raising money for people who are in need in our community.. If I did all the foot work and the research to see how many churches would like to paricipate and see what venues, businesses would like to donate I was wondering if this would be a possibility.. like for instance We would call it a Church Coalition, perhaps hold the Body of Christ Fundraiser down at Stewart Park, We can have various worship teams ect…preaching and lots of eats and crafts being sold for a benefit to help the growing needy in our community..It is just an idea of inspiration..Would you please think about this and let me know if it is possible or if The Vineyards would interested in something of this form and If I should contact Bill Williams…my email address is you for taking the time to read this and I will be looking forward to your response..Thank You Christine

  2. Wendy says:

    regarding gossip: I think the lightening rod concept really helps me avoid it…. especially when I find someone to talk to that I trust 100%. It's tough and sometimes a fine line. I define gossip as something that I wouldn't tell a person face to face. Do you think that is accurate? Funny that you blogged this, it has been coming up in my reading recently too. 🙂 Interested in more of your thoughts…

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Friday Data Dump

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