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Today we had nothing “official” to do around in Dublin. However, for the past few months I’ve been planning on showing up at Bull Island on our first week in town to meet up with the Bull Island Action Group.  They meet on the beach on the 3rd Saturday of each month to clean up garbage. Seemed like a great way to meet some people, and maybe even bump into someone who’d say, “oh I know someone who has a great 4 bedroom apartment right in your price range…” We did get to meet a couple people, and pick up a lot of trash (the grossest thing was a diaper that had been out in the weather for way too long. (you’ll also note that I also made up for my lack of pictures over the past few days)

We learned that you can actually drive across the wooden bridge out to the Dollymount Strand on Bull Island

The Dollymount Strand

We likely would have been on time if we had know that. We arrived about 20 minutes late, and it took about another 20-30 minutes to track down the person in charge. Once we found him, we had an hour of picking up trash.

While Liz was tracking down the guy with the trash bags and the garbage picker uppers, Méabh and I hung out on the beach for a bit. At first she was a bit unsure of the sand, but eventually seemed to get the hang of it.


When she fell the first time, she looked at her hands as if to say, this doesn’t hurt nearly as much as falling on the sidewalk.

So we eventually found the people with the trash bags & the garbage picker uppers, and got to spend an hour picking up trash on the dunes.

Liz & Méabh picking up trash

After the trash pick up, we went for a cup of coffee/tea; walked around the estate where we put an offer on a rental property, and then headed into town for lunch. We got in a great conversation with our waitress who was from Latvia. She could not believe anyone would move from NY to Ireland. When I told her it was because we believe God wanted us to come over love and serve the Irish people…Liz added, “& other people too.” She said if we end up in Clontarf, she hopes she’ll see us again soon.

While at lunch I got a direct message (via Twitter) from Liz’s cousin Elizabeth who said she and her husband were heading over to St. Anne’s park for the Rose Festival and suggested meeting up. (That was actually next on our agenda for the day.) We had a great time catching up with them.

After that we headed back to the Garza’s, and then out for fish & chips. (Méabh loves cod…who knew…she also likes dancing on tables.)

So we didn’t have any official stuff to do today, and it was a really good day. (and anytime your day starts out with picking up trash for an hour & you still call it a good day…it’s a good day). Over the next few days we hope to wrap up our housing issue (we view another place tomorrow) and then buy a car…prayer would be great.

One last thing…while we were at lunch, I commented that I can’t understand why God would lead me to a country where coffee refills were not standard…to which Liz replied, and yet they serve tea by the pot, maybe we are in the right place!


Thanks for reading & following our journey…as a reminder, it would be a great help if you’d leave your comments below rather than on Facebook. Thanks!

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  1. Siouxsie says:

    We miss you, but it is so great to hear about your adventures. Praying for a place to live and a car for you!

    1. bob__wilson says:

      Thanks Siouxsie. The housing stuff…lack of places in Clontarf, and crazy prices is a bit overwhelming.

  2. Travis does not currently drink coffee or tea, but I’m slowly getting him used to the hot tea. It seems impolite to refuse the offer of a cup of tea! 🙂

    Continued prayers for your living situation and for a decent car at a good price. Slan!

    1. bob__wilson says:

      You’re right. I have also learned that often if you go somewhere and a person offers you coffee or tea, the coffee is instant….I’ll normally accept tea unless I’ve noticed a coffee pot on their counter (our host here have a french press & make amazing coffee:-)

    2. Joshua Hopping says:

      He is only refusing because he has not had a good cup of loose leave tea. The next time you all are up, I will have to make him a cup. =D

  3. diana koon says:

    so glad you guys are doing well over there! the coffee over in ireland, yeah well….hahahha. still jealous of you guys 🙂 may the “emerald isle” continue to bless you!

    1. bob__wilson says:

      When i can actually find a cup of coffee, it’s pretty good. at least at most places…just much harder to find, and more money for smaller portions.

  4. bob__wilson says:

    There is no chance I’ll make that switch…you should know me better than that…

    1. Hey Gimme Delivers you know, maybe if you promise to buy Gimme for the church plant they will give you a discount! It does make me remember the times Liz told me only drinks tea though, maybe that was a subconscious preparation for the move 😉

  5. bob__wilson says:

    Coming over, I thought it might, but it doesn’t at all. We are having a great time, however, we are talking to people about jobs…intentionally looking to start conversations with people in the Clontarf area…and Liz & I constantly look at each other & make some type of “what are we doing?” comment which reminds us that this is long term.

    Although it did hit me yesterday that today will be the longest I’ve gone without teaching in over 20 years…that feels a bit odd…but I’m adjusting 🙂

  6. Joshua Hopping says:

    cool. =)

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