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christmas_storyWhen I was a kid, my brother and I agreed on nothing…He was a Steelers fan.  I loved the Cowboys.  He loved the Yankees.  I was obsessed with the Red Sox

(Sidebar: since there weren’t too many game on tv, & we didn’t have cable tv, I would ask my grandparents if I could stay over night whenever the Sox were playing the Yankees because they had cable & got the Yankee games.  I’m sure they figured that out, but I thought I was pretty clever as a kid.)

However, one thing we could agree on, A Christmas Story was the best Christmas movie.  And once again this year, I will subject my entire family to watching it with me.

Why is it the best Christmas Movie?  A kid getting his tongue stuck to a pole…you’ll shoot your eye out…the bunny suit…and of course the lamp!

So, do you agree?  Or do you have another favorite?  And if so, why do you love it?

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  1. james says:

    yes- the best Christmas movie ever…My brothers and i try to watch it every year…our wives don't get it…

  2. Jason says:

    Absolutely the best Christmas movie. A favorite of Jackson as well, so much so that we watch it all year round, wore out the first DVD, and it was the only movie that could keep him still for more than 2 minutes since he's been 6 months old. In regards to the best present post, my younger brother got a miniature leg lamp 2 or 3 years ago. Can't wait for the 24 hr marathon.

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My Favorite Christmas Movie

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