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The speaker this morning was Cherith Fee Nordling.  (Cherith is the daughter of Gordon Fee). She did a great job calling us to give our lives wholly to God. Below are a few of the quotes that really stuck out to me:
Q; What impact does the coming kingdom have on the children of the resurrection?
A: It will kill you.  You have to die.

We need to stop side-stepping death because that is where new creation shows up.

There will be no Americans in the new creation.

Resurrection is about getting  your life back…not about going to heaven.

Be perfect…be an image-bearer of the Father.

Jesus is the only one who has lived a truly human life, without screwing it up.

I want the kingdom, but I don’t want it to touch my retirement fund, or any other place i don’t want it to touch me.

We want to be friends with benefits…but it terrifies us to think that we have to die to be your servant.

What would God do if he was allowed to stop looking like us, and allowed to be himself?

The church is busy about the job of resuscitation God want to raise the dead.

He is what happens when Easter meets Genesis.
He is the new creation First Edition.

God Loves a good crisis.

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