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A Scary Story

So I’m at a conference this summer and I go to a workshop to hear one person I wanted to listen to. Turns out he wasn’t the main speaker. Liz bailed after about 20 minutes into the talk...I wanted to, but there weren’t many people left at that point, and I felt guilty.

Walking along Lake Erie in Dunkirk

Random Thoughts from WNY

Random things I’m thinking about… HMA Update: We are currently starting week 2 of our Home Missions Assignment. Tomorrow (July 4th) Liz and I get on a plane and head to Atlanta for four packed...

Our Week

When we first connected with Communitas, we noticed that one of the things we’d need to do early on was attend a “Soul Care Retreat.’ In 2010 Liz and I attended a two-week long Pastor’s...

Stuff that Caught My Eye – February 4

Well, the big news today is that Brenna turned 17. Happy birthday Brenna! So that means in 3 years we’ll have no teenagers in our house…and then 6 years later, we’ll have another one. Links:...

A Week in the Life..

One of the common questions we hear is "What does life in Ireland look like for us?" I thought I'd write out a brief preview of the week ahead for us, as well as a brief recap on the past weekend, and hopefully give you a glimpse. When I was on a missions trip to the Philippines in the early 1990's the US missionary there took a few of us out as he ran his errands for the day (such as acquiring fresh drinking water). While we were out he said, "We spend half our day just doing things we need to survive". Thankfully high quality water is piped right into our home here in Dublin, but I thought it'd be good to give you a picture of what a "week in the life," looks like.

Learning to Speak Dub

In our last enewsletter, we started a section on learing to speak Irish. I came across this earlier today and thought it was worth sharing! You can find the original article here.  

Radio Silence

So after a great weekend in Ithaca with Steven Hamilton from the Vineyard USA Justice Task Force, I’m officially on my sabbatical. So although my Twitter account and blog have been pretty slow as of...


As you may know, on Saturday April 10, we will be hosting a seminar looking at the topic of Human Trafficking. A lot of people hear about stuff like that, & think this happens in 3rd world countries on the other side of the world, but it is happening here as well.

Sunday’s Video

After yesterday's post, people were asking where they could see the video we showed this past Sunday...well, here it is! Enjoy.


As you may have noticed if you follow me on this blog or Twitter, I’ve been a bit out of the loop as of late. We’ve been working on a couple of things lately that...