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Sunday Messages

A Couple of Mid-Week Items

So as you may have heard, this Sunday is kind of a big one in my life...I'll be teaching for the last time as lead pastor of a church we planted 13 years ago. (Notice I said last time as lead pastor, because I'm hoping they'll invite be back down the road!) So as you might imagine, this is not the easiest message to prepare....more for the emotion than anything.

In Case You Were Wondering

So I told a story yesterday about my adventure with a bat in our apartment. I was informed today that I forgot the most important part of the message..."what happened to the bat?" I was explaining that I hadn't ridden my bike in 2 weeks because I injured my ankle battling a bat. Here is what I said yesterday:

Sunday’s Message

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Books on Healing

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Redeeming Pleasure

As I mentioned during the first week of our current message series, the book The Shaping of Things to Come, was a great help in thinking through some of the stuff we've been talking about. That's where I borrowed the phrase "redeeming pleasure in yesterday's message.

Sunday’s Message

Okay, let me say up front that this is a bit of an experiment & feels a bit strange. A 30 minute video of me talking is not something that I've ever stuck up on this site before. The video itself will explain why we are doing this, but I want to speak a bit to the format.

Praying the Hours

During this Sunday's message, (which you can listen to here), we talked a bit about embracing the sacred in everything we do. At the end of the service, we took a few minutes to break up into small groups & practice the Divine Hours.

The Discipline of Submission

I was rereading the third chapter of Christianity Beyond Belief yesterday to prep for this Sunday's message, and was reminded of an experience I had this spring that I thought I'd share. In April, Liz & I attended the Vineyard Pastor's Sabbath in Challis, ID. It was one of the most relaxing couple of weeks we've had in a long time, and has been the start of some major changes we've made in our lives since.

Christianity Beyond Belief

Yesterday we wrapped up our 4-week series on margin talking about resolving conflict, so I wanted to do a quick intro into what we’ll be looking at starting this coming Sunday.