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A Picture is Worth…

About a week ago, I walked into a relatively new church plant in the west of Ireland with Erin and Méabh. It was a little bit embarrassing...being with Erin & Méabh that is (please wait before you assume I’m a horrible father).

Covenant and Kingdom

When we first got connected with the Vineyard back in 1997, although I'd been pastoring for about a decade, it felt like I was learning about the Kingdom of God for the first time. It was without question life changing.

lesson learned

On Sunday morning we talked about faith & sacrifice. We looked at the story from 1 Kings 17 where a widow is asked to give the last of her food to Elijah & then God will provide for her. Now, most of us are not dealing with drought or famine anytime soon, but practically we all need to learn to trust & rely on God.