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I am in the process of reviewing the book UnLeader, by Lance Ford. Well, it is probably more of “thoughts the book brought up for me,” than an actual review…but you get the idea. You...

UNLeader…a book review

I’ve never been much of a book reviewer. If you want to know what the book says, you should read it. However, this morning as I began reading UNLeader by Lance Ford, I decided to try reviewing it on a chapter by chapter basis. Not so much for you, but because from the moment I began reading the forward by Alan Hirsch, I knew there were things I would be wrestling with as I went though it. And I’ll likely learn more if I do that wrestling here.

Non-Servant Leadership

I was listening to a podcast by Scot McKnight yesterday about the Bible. I got a lot out of it, and I’ll share the link below. Part of the conversation reminded me of something I...

Saving for a Rainy Day

There are a number of things here in Ireland that from the outside seem quite similar to their American (or at least Upstate NY) counterparts. However, once you’ve dealt with them for a while, you realize that they are quite different. Not better or worse necessarily, just different. That said, I think for most of us, we generally interpret different at “not as good.” We romanticize the “good old days,” and get frustrated when things don’t work the way we are used to them working.

Pranks & Hijinks

Now, there are a couple things I have generally tried to avoid in this space...politics, and venting when I'm angry. Well, last night I read an article online, about Mitt Romney, and it made me angry.

How I Stopped Banging My Head Against the Wall

It seemed for a few years I found myself spending more and more time dealing with people who simply wanted to tell me how bad I was, or how bad the church was. It got to a point where I dreaded opening my email, or I'd see the caller ID on the phone and I'd feel the knot in my stomach. I'd let it get to such a place, where I was getting resentful towards our church.

Required for Leadership

I’ve been doing some reading and study for an upcoming leadership class.   And I’ve noticed one thing that has come up over an over again that is required to be a leader…might not seem all...

2 Deep

I have to admit, if you need to take a bus to NYC, the Cornell Shuttle is the way to go.  Free internet, free drinks…only issue is that while I don’t usually get car sick,...

Graig Groeschel Quotes

More from the Leadership Summit “In order to reach people no one is reaching, you need to do things no one is doing…to do things no one is doing, we can’t do the things everyone...

Leadership Summit

Traveled up to Syracuse for the Willow Creek Learedship Summit. Some of my favorite quotes: Gary Haugen Do Jesus and I care about the same things? If you want your leadership to matter, lead in...