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A Few Things…

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Often I write a data dump on Fridays, but the last couple weeks have left me a bit short of time when Friday rolls around. However, there are still a bunch of things rolling around in my head, so I thought it'd be best to get some of them out.

Friday Data Dump

So, the Friday Data Dump is back. Since it has been gone for a while, basically this is a list of stuff on my mind as I end the week & head into Sabbath. Might have to do with church stuff...the Red Sox, whatever.

Friday Data Dump

So after about 10 weeks the Friday data dump is back...Just as a reminder, the purpose in doing this, is basically to empty my brain before heading home to enjoy Sabbath with the family:


I was going to write a quick post this afternoon, logged in and noticed I had an unpublished draft...which I soon learned was the post I though I posted on Friday. Oops.

Friday Data Dump

Let me start by saying, that I am really looking forward to closing our house next week. While paying a mortgage & rent at the same time not what you'd call fun, having a house that you don't live in, but still have to work on (packing, cleaning, laundry, etc) is a bit of a drain.

Friday Data Dump

This Friday's data dump is a bit different than normal, basically because Elizabeth & I have shifted our sabbath this weekend. Rather that Saturday, we'll be enjoying our sabbath on Sunday this weekend. We made the shift for a couple of reasons...the big one being that we are still not totally moved out of our old house yet.

The Return of the Friday Data Dump

As far as I can remember, this is the first "Friday Data Dump" since June...Maybe July. Obviously, we were going for 5 1/2 weeks over the summer, and while I thought I'd write a bit more than I did, I didn't.

Friday Data Dump

So I was able to get a bunch of the stuff I'd been thinking about earlier in the week, so we'll end the week with an abbreviated Friday Data Dump.

Emptying out my head

When I was a kid, my favorite column in the Buffalo News sports page would be when one of the writers would start our their column with "Random thoughts while wondering whatever happened to" and then he would name some athlete that was on the scene for a bit & then faded away.

Friday Data Dump

It's hard to believe how much work it is to get ready for some time off. Elizabeth & I spent most of last night finding rental cars online, looking for hotels or houses to rent for the week or so we'll be in the southern part of Ireland, and then we fall into bed about 2 hours later than we should have.