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What’s In A Name?

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No Agendas

Here is the second of two videos looking at the topic of embedding...along with a couple other thoughts.


This was to be a big weekend for our family. It was the week that Erin’s class graduated from high school in Trumansburg. But, in the move to Dublin, the school here in Clontarf suggested that both Erin and Brenna stay back one year to ease their transition.

The Best Laid Plans…

This afternoon I was scheduled to take part in a video call with a group from the States. (This is part of a coaching huddle which I wrote about previously). As you might not know, unless you live in Ireland, while Daylight Savings Time began in the US last it doesn't start it until the last weekend in March.

a gift

One day earlier this week, as usual, I was up before the kids needed to get up for school. I had some quiet time to read, pray, and enjoy a few very good cups of coffee. The phrase, "receive this as a gift," popped into my head. It is a phrase that has been coming up a lot since.

5 Ways to More Quickly Adjust to a New City

In 2012 our family moved from Ithaca, NY (a college town of about 33,000 people) where we'd lived for 18 years to Dublin, Ireland. While Dublin is a very different place from Ithaca, it was a relatively smooth transition. In fact Liz and I have both commented several times how quickly Dublin felt like home for us. And although the transition was not quite as smooth for a couple of the kids, when we were back in the States for 4 weeks last summer, each of our 3 teen-agers commented that they were looking forward to getting home to Dublin. Now I'm sure that there were other factors that went into helping us transition so quickly to feeling at home in a city that is not only in a different country, but different in so many ways from where we spent the past 2 decades, but I wanted to share 5 that stood out to us.

New Year’s Day Flooding

This morning I was getting ready to make breakfast for everyone, but needed to go out & buy some eggs (since last night's egg nog used the last of them.) While driving along the coast, I noticed that the water looked higher than normal. I drove down a bit further and saw that we had a bit of flooding over night. Thought I'd share a couple pictures with you.