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Emotionally Healthy

Well, Who Are You?

“Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.” – Buckaroo Banzi “Well, who are you?” – The Who Often during the first 3 years here in Dublin, I would tell people that there were...

Good Grief

We're uncomfortable with grief. It’s why we say dumb things at funerals, “They’re in a better place.” “I guess God wanted them.” It’s why we tell a kid who just lost a pet “Don’t worry, we’ll get you a new one.” And while it is great that another puppy coming, that fact does not diminish the loss…the pain felt because of the one who is now gone.


I had a coffee in town with a friend this morning. And while I always notice it, it hit me the extent to which the city is under construction. All of the construction makes life...

There Must Be More

Yesterday I stumbled across news that another celebrity pastor has lost their job. Perry Noble was pastor of Newspring Church in South Carolina. A church that grew to 30,000 members (not a typo) in 16...

One More Introverted Post

I was 31 years old when I took my first Myers Briggs. I had just begun connecting with the Vineyard Church and at one of their leadership events I was handed some bootlegged copy of...

A Lenten Challenge

For much of my teen and adult life the church calendar was not much of a factor. And because of that, Lent was not much of a factor. Over the past few years I’ve tried...

My Own Personal Troll

Over the past several years, as social media has grown in influence, we’ve become more aware of trolls. People who have nothing better to do than stop by various web sites and leave comments designed...

Making Healthy Decisions (Part 2…finally)

In looking at making healthy decisions, I’ve put having you and your spouse on the same page before making major life decisions (and never pressuring each other) at the top of the list (after seeking...

Making Healthy Decisions (a pause)

A couple months ago I wrote a blog post about two key components of decision making for me and Liz. I wrote about the first rule: Wait until you and your spouse are on the same page, and NEVER pressure them. At the end of the post I said that I would write part two of that post by the end of the week. I didn’t.

Making Healthy Decisions (Part 1)

I wrote a few weeks ago about our journey from Ithaca to Ireland, and it got me thinking about a two key factors that Liz and I have found crucial in helping us make important decisions.

Making Small Talk

Even typing the word "small talk" gives me stress. Last summer I was back in the States for a week to pick up Hannah & Erin and bring them to Ireland. While there, I also attended a conference with Hannah for few days. While we were there, another pastor that I've known fairly well for a number of years came up to chat about our move to Ireland. It was an awkward conversation. After it was over Hannah started laughing at me (once the other person had left of course). It was worthy of being laughed at.