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3 of the Most Important Books I’ve Read

About a week ago, a few of us here were going through one of those lists of books with the heading “The BBC thinks you’ve only read 6 of these books.” We did pretty good (If you could count, 'I've seen the movie, I would have done much better). I hit 16, Liz was in the 30s and Erin was somewhere in-between. Most of the books were ones I’d read in high school and college and not really the type I generally pick up now.

Was it for This? – a brief review

As someone who is spending much of this next year trying to learn about all-things Ireland, I found Irish Times columnist John Waters’ new book, Was It For This? Why Ireland Lost the Plot, a fascinating...

Blog Suggestions

If you know me, you know that I love to read. As a kid it started with comic books (The Justice Society of America was my favorite), and the Chronicles of Narnia, and reached its height when I found a wife who reads even more than I do! (our kids had no chance...they all love books)

A Culture of Personality

This weekend I watched a TED talk by author Susan Cain. It was the title of her talk, The Power of Introverts, that caught my attention. Growing up I was the kid who loved being...

Finding a Sponsor

“I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member.” Woody Allen as Alvy Singer in Annie Hall In the early 90s, Elizabeth and I went on...

An Update on Everything Else

Earlier this week I wrote a brief update on the Ithaca Vineyard’s search for a new lead pastor, and another on how things were progressing with our move to Ireland. I thought I’d end the week...

Friday Data Dump

So, the Friday Data Dump is back. Since it has been gone for a while, basically this is a list of stuff on my mind as I end the week & head into Sabbath. Might have to do with church stuff...the Red Sox, whatever.

Book Review : The Shaping of Things to Come

In 2008 I made a goal of reading an average of one book per week for the whole year. Since I'm not a natural speed reader like my oldest daughter, it took some time, but it was worth it. I repeated the goal in 2009 & 2010, but didn't get anywhere close for a number of reasons. This year we're giving it another shot.


Those of you who know me well know that I love books.  I love reading them and I love giving them away to people.  But a couple years ago I realized that  I was only...

Saturday Book Recommendation

I tend not to use the phrase “Christian,” all that much…it is not a phrase I use to describe myself, or our church.  For many people who are not connected with God, the word “Christian”...