As we mentioned on Sunday, things are moving along pretty well at the building site.  We are hoping to 053009_0613begin drywalling in the next week or so, and if we can get a good crowd up there, we can know that part off pretty quickly.

There will be a work day this Thursday from 6 to 8 and another on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.

A couple of prayer requests:
Please be praying for the framing inspection and the electrical inspection.  It is important that those go well so that we can move forward.

Please pray about the flooring.  we have 14,000 square feet to cover.  At one point we thought we could simply buff the floor…and things would be ugly but functional.  However, there is so much damage & broken tile that is not an option.  We are exploring a few options, and would ask you to pray that we are able to fine quality flooring that is affordable.

Speaking of affordable, here is the current update on the building finances.  As of this past Sunday, we had raised just over $16,000.  We also announced during the 1st 053009_0598service that a family who used to attend the Vineyard had made a $1500 matching gift.  Meaning that anything that came in for the rest of the month, they would match up to $1500.  By the end of that service, people had given an additional $835, which upped our total to $17,670.

Prior to the second service, we receive another matching gift, this time for $2000!  And in the 2nd service, another $200 dollars came in which doubled, takes our total to just over $18,000. The next $2500 given will take our total to $23,000, only $7,000 short of our goal!

Over the past weeks we have had a number of people stopping by to see what is going on, and asking about the church.  One of the village officials actually told us, “if you pull this off, you are going to have a lot of street cred!”  (a new slogan perhaps?: the ithaca vineyard, a church with street cred!)

Even if you can’t stop by to work, we’d love for you to stop by & see what is happening.  It is pretty exciting!