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We do make really cute kids!So, I’m really hoping that this does not become a baby blog…but hey, it seems to be the big thing going on in life right now…or at least one of them! So, this is kid number 4…and each one has come at the same time as another big change:

Hannah: Liz was 7 months pregnant with Hannah when we left Albany & moved to Ithaca in 1994.

Erin: She was in her first tri-mester with Erin when we bought and moved into our first home in 1996.

Brenna: Brenna was born February 4, 1999.  The first ever service @ the Ithaca Vineyard was February 7, 1999.  Liz, and our as of yet unnamed child (we simply called her #3 at that point) both made it to the first service.

#4: Here we go again…during Liz’s first trimester, we have  moved from Ithaca to Trumansburg.

There seems to be a pattern here…or maybe we figured having a kid is not enough of an adventure.


One last baby thing, & then I’ll work at keeping the rest of this week’s posts “professional:-)”

So, we have spent the past week or so telling everyone our news.  Since as you noticed above, our youngest will be 12 when the new kid comes along, the responses have ranged from wide-eyed stares of astonishment to genuine excitement for us.  But, I mean look at that picture above…we make really good looking kids!

Liz has been a bit taken a back by the number of people who’ve asked if this was planned.  It is a pretty personal question when you think about what you are asking.

My two favorite responses by far (besides Erin’s comment that “we have thrown cation to the wind”) have been:

1) “What the hell were you thinking!” That was my dentist.

2) “I can imagine that this is probably not something you had anticipated.”  I’ll just say “wow!” and leave that one there.

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