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In September of this year, 500 million Yahoo email accounts were breached (USA Today Article).

Then earlier this month it was reported that Yahoo allowed the US government to take a peak and check out your email account.  (Washington post article).

Well, now it has gotten personal!

Yahoo email has shut down my MailChimp Account.

So here is how my afternoon unfolded.

I finished up the email, clicked send and went out to hang up more laundry (as you may have heard, our washing machine broke last week, and we were 11 days without one…we have a lot of catching up to do.)

I received a notice on my phone that I had an email, and saw the heading was about someone unsubscribing from the newsletter. While occasionally people unsubscribe, there is always that moment of “I wonder what I wrote that made them unsubscribe. Did I say something stupid?” Then there was an email from my mom asking why she and my dad had been unsubcribed as they didn’t do anything.

I opened my email and saw the image you see above. Now, I know I can be annoying at times, but it is a stretch that even I could annoy that many people that quickly (I think we had 33 unsubscribes in total).

Then, I receive a couple of friendly emails from MailChimp:


Did you know that it is basically impossible to get customer support from MailChimp unless you use one of their paid accounts? So, I sign up for a monthly account, and start a chat with a person who asks for a couple of the email addresses that unsubscribed.

Then she asks if I send my emails from a email…which I do.

Well it turns out, when Yahoo’s mail filters get an email from a address, they click on every link in the email…even the unsubscribe link…

That led to everyone with a address unsubscribing from our email…

Which led to MailChimp shutting down my account.


While writing this, I have received an email from MailChimp’s Compliance Team. The main points:

  • My account is back up!
  • However, I cannot (nor can they) add back the emails that have been unsubscribed.
  • If you want to resubscribe, you can do so here:


Before you do that….two things.

First, if you have a non-Yahoo account, perhaps you’d consider using that one.

And…I will not be sending from my mac account any more. So please add my Communitas email to your address book so we don’t end up in your spam folder. That email is bobwilson (at) gocommunitas (dot) org


Well, that was a fun way to end a Friday! Thanks for your help…now to go delete that yahoo account.

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