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I wanted to give a bit of information on an announcement we made during our worship services this past Sunday concerning our summer kinship schedule.  Although we normally have our summer kinships seek(our small group system) run from mid-June to late August, we decided to do something different this summer.  And for those who are wondering, this is a one time thing.  When things start back up in the fall, we will be back to having our regular kinship schedule.

Let me answer a couple of questions I’m assuming people have.

First what is SEEK?  SEEK is a class similar to Alpha that was designed for those who are exploring faith a place to come and discuss in matters of faith in a friendly, low-risk environment. It also provides those new to faith a good solid foundation upon which to build.  SEEK was developed by our friends up at the Vineyard in Cambridge, MA.

Second Question.  So if SEEK is geared toward people exploring or new to faith, why are we having the whole church go through it?  After leading SEEK over the past 2 semesters, I kept coming back to this idea that this was something everyone in our church could benefit from.  Our family has been doing this faith thing for a while now, yet it has had a great impact on the 3 of us who have gone through it.

Over the next few weeks we’ll have more information, and sign-ups will start on May 31st.  In the meantime, if you’d like a bit more information, you can find that here.

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A Summer of SEEK

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