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Greetings from Ireland!

We are just starting the second week of our time in Europe and have been having a great time!  The first few days we were a bit crazy, with some time spent in Iceland (@ the Blue Lagoon), England, Wales, and finally Ireland.  And just like the movie, we’ve spent time in planes, trains, and automobiles (plus we added a boat – The Ulysses).

We’ve been in Ireland since last Thursday, mostly hanging out around Liz’s dad’s farm, Ballybay & Monaghan.  Later this week we’re headed to the Giants Causeway.

I’ve started putting some pictures up on Flickr & in my .Mac gallery, so feel free to head over there if you’d like a bit of an update.  We will be a bit limited on the amount we can put up until we have more regular access to the interwebs.

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