Thank you to everyone who has commented on the blog rather than Facebook recently. I appreciate it.

While I should write up an official comment policy soon, I thought I should explain a couple of items just in case you’re wondering how things work.

First off, this is a moderated site (in general)…
Basically, comments need to be approved before showing up on the site. So if you comment and then wonder why nothing is happening, that’s why.

However, if you post, and I know you, I immediately add you to a “white list.” Which means you can post immediately. If I don’t know you, and you’ve been participating here for a while, I’ll white list you after a few comments.

If you fall into one of these two categories & still are not seeing your posts pop up immediately, there could be a couple reasons. 1) You were whitewashed when you signed in with your email, and this time you signed in with Facebook. (And I didn’t realize it was a different way & didn’t “re-white list” you. 2) I simply forgot to add your account.

If you’re comments are not coming up, please comment below, or email me & I’ll get you added.

Why is it moderated?
Sadly, people who love to go around various sites and, to use a GhostBusters term, “slime,” and then move on. I simply don’t feel a need to deal with that. As I mentioned, people I know I white list immediately. Secondly, and somewhat related, while I’m hoping for dialogue here, I’m not really interested in arguing minutia. If someone wants to dialogue about a point I made in a post, great. When it’s clear the conversation is generating more heat than light, I’ll generally let it end.

Is this the best way to do it? Probably not, but it helps keep me sane.