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Tomorrow night our street is celebrating it 25th anniversary. Most people on our street have lived here that whole time and know each other well. We, as they say in Ireland are “blow-ins.” 

While we have been here for almost two months, the busyness of the summer has kept us from getting to meet too many people…although Liz and Méabh are doing way better than me. And so I’m going into the event with a fair bit of anxiety. 

We would love to see Saturday be the start of good relationships and good conversations with our neighbours. Would you pray for us? The street party starts 4:00 pm our time, so 11:00 am EST. 

Thank you! We’ll let you know how it goes.

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I am a church planter living on Dublin's Northside. I also serve as Director of Marketing for Communitas International. I write about various topics that happen to be going through my brain.

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  1. Travis Nelson says:

    So glad to hear that you have opportunities like this to connect with your neighbors. These types of gatherings are such a great way to get to know people. I keep thinking (especially after our group study and reading of “The Art of Neighboring”) that I need to organize an event like this in our neighborhood. Perhaps this fall when it isn’t 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit any longer… 🙂 (I also believe these types of connections reduce the incidence of crime in neighborhoods.)

    Continued prayers for your integration and building of relationships in your neighborhood and beyond!


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