A Gift In Wales

Last year when we found out that we needed to move house, we decided that rather than treat it as a bad thing, we would receive it as a gift…something to be thankful for…at least until it proved otherwise. It never did. It was a good move all around and we enjoyed our time in Marino. It definitely impacts you when you look at situations as positives rather than negative.

We had another opportunity to put that into effect last week, although with much less potential life interruption. My parents are over visiting from the States, and we wanted to take them somewhere in Europe besides Ireland. We settled on a trip to England and Wales. We took the ferry over and drove down to the Welshpool area of Wales. The plan for our first night was to go to our Airbnb, drop off our stuff, and then Liz and I would go shopping, and then fix dinner for everyone.

However, we got to the place (which was way out in the country), the key was not in the lock box. Ugh.

We called our host, who we knew was on holiday, and got no answer. And although there was minimal mobile service,

I was able to ring Airbnb. Interestingly, the first question the agent asks is “are in a safe place.” Unless there were feral sheep around, we were. They told us to go get some dinner while they tried to contact the host and they would cover up to $20/person…That was the first sign that this might be a gift. The shopping/cooking plan would have made for a late night.

The first restaurant we went to couldn’t seat us, but the manager walked us outside, told us where to eat and what to make sure we did in the area. t
The restaurant we ate at was quite good, and within budget!

Shortly after ordering Airbnb called, said they had cancelled our stay and were looking for new place for us. The two closest that could fit 6 of us were 90 minutes away and 60 minutes away…and each were around 60% more than we had paid for the original…ouch. So I asked if Airbnb would cover the difference and they said they would. Problem solved…and we got a good meal out of it!

That is when the original host called and was sincerely apologetic. Then she called a second time and offered that we could stay at her place…for free! For four nights! Airbnb cancelled our new reservation, since it wasnt’t official yet.

So, four nights free stay in a great place for 6 and a great meal! What could have been a bad start to a trip ended up being an incredible gift and a sense that God was looking out for us!