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I spent the weekend in Brussels for the third weekend of Forge Training, got back, fixed my bike so I could cycle down to Leeson Park for prayer and worship night with Icon. So I had a bunch of things swirling around in my brain as I went to sleep.  I don’t think any of them had to do with music…but still…

I had a weird dream last night. I was talking to someone and I mentioned that my favourite musician is Bruce Cockburn. The person must have been Canadian because they immediately knew who he was. (Although it could have been someone who remembered back when MTV used to play If I had a Rocket Launcher over and over.

Although I, like everyone else who watched MTV back when it first came out (and actually played music videos), had seen the video many times, I wasn’t until my senior year of college when I was introduced to Cockburn by my college roommate Matt.

While I loved the music, the words blew me away. I could lay on the couch for hours listening to songs like:
Silver Wheels
The Trouble wth Normal
Lovers in a Dangerous Time
Rumours of Glory
Lord of the Starfield
Grim Traveller
Love Song
The last one stands out a bit as I discovered it around the time I was getting to know Liz…:-)


While those would all rank in my among my favourite songs of his, in the dream the person responds, “Oh, I love him too…what’s you’re favourite song of his?”

I have this moment of panic…“what if I can’t remember any of his song titles?” Then I think, “what if I can’t pick a favourite?”

Then I pick one.

When I woke up, the dream was still pretty fresh, and I thought, “Yup, that’d be my favourite.”

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