about half of what is making the first trip

This week we pack our remaining stuff in a few duffles, & move our family to Dublin.

Wanted to take a quick break & answer a few questions we’ve been getting a lot lately:

Q: Are you ready? – I don’t know. I’ve never done something like this, so I’m not even sure what “ready” looks like. However, once we are on the plane…I guess we’ll be ready.

Q: Do you have a place to live? – Well, we have a temporary place with some new friends we’ve made there, near Dublin while we look for our own place. One of the key things we’ll be working on as soon as we land is finding a place of our own. (go to daft.ie & search in the Clontarf area of Dublin City if you’d like to help pick something out…or get an idea of what rental cost.)

Q: Have you raised enough support? – A bit like the “Are you ready?” question. Short answer, “no.” We are about 45% of the way to our original goal…and about $1800/month short of our bottom line $6,000/month goal.

Q: How will you make up the difference? – Well, the Euro has been helping us out a lot lately! In addition, we have always planned on taking part-time jobs as a way of getting to know the people and the culture. Now, we may end up having to look for full-time work in order to also supplement the difference. The biggest issue with that is a 14% unemployment rate in Ireland…And the fact that I still need to obtain permission to work. We’ve also had some one-time gifts come in lately that will help a lot over the first few months.

Q: What can we be praying for? – Our list would probably look something like this:
– Peace for our kids through this process. That each of them would have a real sense of God’s presence as they transition to Ireland.
–  Wisdom & rest for Liz & me. Life has been insane for a few months now, and while we still have some big things to do once we get to Ireland, we need some serious down time (hoping to work in a silent retreat within first month as well.)
– A a 4-bedroom home/apartment to live in in Clontarf for less that €1500.
– A reliable vehicle.
– That I get my residency resolved by August 1.
– That we raise the remainder of our support ($1,800/month by the end of August)

As we’ve talked to people this past week, these questions have come up a lot…if you have any, please leave them in the comment section below.

Thanks for your prayers…