Méabh's first opening day in 2011 (she isn't watching with me this year.)

Méabh’s first opening day in 2011 (she isn’t watching with me this year.)

I’m having trouble sleeping.

During my last year or two in Ithaca I had my first real bout of insomnia. Not a ‘days without sleep’ insomnia…not even a ‘I can’t get to sleep,’ insomnia. It was more of a go to bed at 10 pm, “wake up at 2 am and not be able to get back to sleep” insomnia.

It didn’t happen every night…but it happened several times per week. I felt like a zombie for months at a time (well, I guess I’m assuming I know what zombies feel like…I don’t actually. And I wasn’t craving brains or anything, so I probably didn’t feel like a zombie…that was hyperbole…I apologize.)

Since moving to Ireland I haven’t had that problem. Here generally the problem with sleep here has to do with the sun. In June and July it rises before 5 and wakes you up. In the winter it doesn’t rise until around 9 and well, doesn’t wake you up.

While I never figured out why I was sleeping so poorly in Ithaca, I do know why I’m sleeping badly now. Baseball.

Last year the Red Sox were horrible, so when October came, living in a country without baseball was easy. This year ended up being one of the more exciting seasons the Red Sox have had perhaps ever, so I decided to sign up for the playoff package.

While I thought the price ($25) for all playoff games was great…what hasn’t been great is the time of the games. Keep in mind Dublin is 5 hours ahead of the Boston. Also keep in mind that the Red Sox are known for playing long games. (4 hours would be about normal)

For example, game 3 against the Tampa Bay Rays in the first round started around 11 pm our time & ended after 3am. It was a great game (even though the good guys lost), but while laying in bed at 3:30 I realised this wasn’t going to work long-term.

Now a game that starts at 8:07 pm EST starts just after 1:00 am here. So I’ve been waking up between 2:30 or 3:30 am. That gets me up in the 5th inning usually. (Since the Sox haven’t often had a hit let alone a run before the 7th inning, I haven’t missed too much of the action so far.)

So at this point I’m getting 2-3 hours before I start watching, and then 2-3 hours more after they are done. Definitely not a long-term strategy.
But it’s baseball.