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It took a while, but tomorrow afternoon we are meeting a guy over by the University College of Dublin to purchase his 2007 Mazda 5!

Thanks to all of you who have prayed for us. A special thanks to some friends who gave a gift which allowed us to purchase this car…we are blown away by your generosity.

Now, for a house…

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I am a church planter living on Dublin's Northside. I also serve as Director of Marketing for Communitas International. I write about various topics that happen to be going through my brain.

  1. Not fair, Bethany and I totally wanted a Mazda 5 before we bought the Odyssey! They are supposed to be amazing cars. Congrats guys!

    1. Bob Wilson says:

      Thanks Dustin…we weren’t familiar with them at all…other than knowing Mazdas were nice cars.

  2. Ann Taylor says:

    Awesome! We love our Mazda5!

  3. Joshua Hopping says:

    Awesome! Praise the Lord! =D

  4. ptaylor2112 says:

    Eh, my previous post didn’t take. Another nice thing about the Mazda5 is that you can fit a small stroller (e.g. Combi Cabria) in the back without having to put the seats down.

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