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Over the past few weeks I’ve alluded to our last 6 weeks in Ithaca/Trumansburg. I don’t think all the gory details are appropriate here…in fact other than a very few close friends, and my parents, who happened to be hosting our family during one of our most difficult weeks, the less details the better.

This morning I finally had some time to catch up a bit on my blog reading. A few months ago I started reading a blog entitled Jamie the Very Worst Missionary…shortly thereafter she announced that her family was coming back to the US after 5 years away, so it was interesting to follow someone doing the reverse of what we were in the process of doing.

I don’t cry a lot. But as I read this post, I found myself sitting in Starbucks wiping tears from my eyes. We didn’t move cats across the ocean, but so much of the rest of it hit very close to home. Hope you’ll give it a read.

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  1. ptaylor2112 says:

    Stay thirsty for the Word, my friend.

  2. Joshua Hopping says:

    Jamie does have a way of expressing things. What she said is true, they lived. And you and your family live still.

    One day, one prayer, one moment at a time.

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I Don’t Normally Cry In Starbucks…But When I Do

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